Company contracts to help launch new fiber water.
Company receives new caps for fiber water and develops bottle to match.
Company creates first run samples to be distributed to the first line customers.

New Brands. The challenge for most entrepeneurs when developing an new brand is understanding all of the different things that are required to launch them. Not only do you have to focus on making the product, but you need the marketing plans and a complete understanding of the distribution channels for your specific product. Xamec brings years of experience working with these channels and also helps solve the other problems that fledgling brands face, like where to have it made and how to keep the costs down.

"The quality of the product will be what gets you repeat sales. The best idea in the world is worthless if the execution is slacking. This is the key to building successful brands, the attention to details." Chris L.

Mark T.: “The fastest way to drive a product into the ground is to launch it before you have finished defining what it is. ”